Easter & Telephone Polls

Whilst getting my flat tire seen to at a local tire shop, I had to wait in a nearby coffee shop. This is one of those typical small, usually discarded pockets of time that can actually be remarkabley meditative if used mindfully.

As it was the day before Easter weekend, I thought to read a bit of scripture and prepare my heart for the holiest weekend would be befitting. I looked up from the pages of the ESV version – I can’t tell you what passage I was reading. That actually isn’t important, just that I WAS reading. My mind wondered to a prayer that went something like this – “Lord, I trust your hear with me. Even now. Not

Looking up from the page, I saw a telephone poll. Basic, however, in the next inhaled breath, the mundane object outside my window lead my mind around the sacred subject of the cross several different was, like a buck shot scatter.

This particular electrical poll had a diagonal piece above it

My mind went first to the distinct features of the Russian Orthodox crucifix, this diagonal line indicates the label given to Christ as “King of the Jews,” Wikipedia tells more:

“The cross has three horizontal crossbeams—the top one represents the plate which in the older Greek tradition is inscribed with a phrase based on John’s Gospel “The King of Glory”, but in later images it represents INRI , and the bottom one, a footrest. In many depictions, the side to Christ’s right is higher.“

To me it was simply a visual queue to the Cross.

There were 3 power chords running along the top, the full power to the triniy was still very much present at the Cross. Christ hanging, God being called out for ‘foresaking’ and shortly after the temple curtain ripping by the Spirit.

Whatever my work on earth will be to do – it’s all providentially written. And “It is finished” only in the strength of Gods’ power.

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