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Distracted Discipleship

Do you, like me, find you have amazing intentions for your days and weeks … but as your head lays on the pillow you realize how little time you spent on your true priorities? The discontent you feel is your soul is demanding you attend to this disparate reality.

This is my effort to reclaim focus.
Keep front and center eternal things.

I know – we simply were distracted. But that is the slow toxin that will corrode years of powerful relationship, prayer, reading and worship.
Careful friend, even good things can pull you away.


Even good things can come from hurt, loss, suffering and hard knocks of life. We share stories of hope and silver linings.

Chasing even good things in life, social likes, neat wardrobe, appreciation from colleagues all can distort who you’re really meant to be. We encourage each other to share stories to challenge each other to let go of good to pursue great.